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Terroir: JAMAICA

An outstanding country for coffee... but that's not all

Jamaica may be famous for growing outstanding coffee but it's underrated for its cocoa. Jamaica is the crown jewel of the Caribbean and produces some of the world's best Trinitario cocoa beans. Its beans were used for bartering and were England's main supply until the late 17th century.

The beans were left to their own devices for a long time and over the centuries developed a fantastic flavour profile. ICCO has recognised this asset and named it "fine cocoa". The delicate aromas strike the right balance with diverse notes. No one flavour dominates and it has a good cocoa hit.

So Olivier and Nicolas de Loisy drew inspiration from the depths of the cascading waterfalls and dizzying mountains to make the 3rd chocolate in the Séquencia® range, JAMAYA 73%.