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Terroir : Dominican Republic

An unspoilt and long-standing terroir

Unlike major producers, the Dominican Republic has managed to hold onto its plantations' genetic roots. With marine soil unique to the country, Dominican soil contains some of the least cadmium heavy metal in the world. Fewer chemical products are used meaning its cocoa production is among the purest in the world. To protect its natural assets, the Ministry for Culture plans to invest in resources to combat the spread of brown rot over the next few years. New more disease-resistant plants will be provided to cocoa farmers.

Hispano Superior

There may be a lot of cocoa plantations, mainly in the north west and central east, but few of them have a perfect understanding of cocoa bean fermentation. An exceptional cocoa bean from the Trinitario plant and “Hispañola Superior” type grabbed the attention of Chocolaterie de l’Opéra.