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Recipe for 3 desserts of 20 cm in diameter and 4,5 cm high

Recipe in 6 steps

Almond crisp

Fresh butter 110g 33.7 %
Granulated sugar 110g 33.7 %
Vanilla pod 0g 0.0 %
Salt 1g 0.3 %
Flaked almonds 80g 24.5 %
T45 flour 25g 7.6 %
Total 326g 100%

Cream the butter, incorporate the sugar, vanilla, salt, flaked almonds and finish off with the flour. 

Spread between 2 6 mm thick sheets of baking paper. Leave to harden in the refrigerator, then cut out the base.

Bake in a flexipan or in a circular tray smaller than the size of the small cake.

Bake at 150°C in a ventilated oven for around 20 minutes.

Chocolate biscuit

Yolks 190g 24.2 %
Sugar 165g 21.0 %
Flour 95g 12.1 %
Powdered cocoa 38g 4.8 %
Warm butter 56g 7.1 %
Egg whites 190g 24.2 %
Sugar 50g 6.3 %
Total 784g 100%

Beat the yolks with the sugar for 15 minutes.

Remove some of this mixture to incorporate it in the boiling butter, then mix with the rest of the yolks.

Add the sifted flour with the cocoa.

Pour it all over the whipped egg whites. To begin with, mix delicately, then let the biscuit drop.

Bake at 160°C in a ventilated oven for around 35 minutes.

Exotic caramel

Isomalt 185g 32.1 %
Granulated sugar 75g 13.0 %
35% fat UHT cream 45g 7.8 %
Salt 1g 0.1 %
Vanilla pod 0g 0.0 %
Fresh butter 45g 7.8 %
Passion fruit purée 145g 25.1 %
Mango purée 40g 6.9 %
Coconut purée 40g 6.9 %
Total 576g 100%

Melt the isomalt, add the sugar and cook at 180°C.

Lower the cooking temperature with the hot cream and fruit purées, cook again to 109°C.

Add the butter, mix and blend.

Chocolate mousse

Semi-skimmed milk 410g 23.6 %
Invert sugar 80g 4.6 %
Egg yolks 295g 17.0 %
Gelatin preparation 30g 1.7 %
Dark chocolate CARUPANO 70% 460g 26.5 %
Whipped cream 460g 26.5 %
Total 1735g 100%

Heat the milk, inverted sugar and egg yolks to 80°C.

Pour the strained crème anglaise over the chopped chocolate and the gelatin.

Emulsify by mixing carefully.

Pour the crème anglaise over the whipped cream at 40°C.

Chocolate cream

Semi-skimmed milk 235g 28.3 %
35% fat UHT cream 235g 28.3 %
Vanilla pod 1g 0.1 %
Egg yolks 95g 11.4 %
Invert sugar 47g 5.6 %
Dark chocolate ARCATO 66% 216g 26.0 %
Total 829g 100%

Heat the milk, sugar and egg yolks to 85°C.

Pour over the chopped chocolate and mix, then pour into a flexipan.


Water 225g 10.9 %
Sugar 450g 21.8 %
Glucose 450g 21.8 %
Colouring 0g 0.0 %
Sweetened condensed milk 300g 14.5 %
Gelatin mass 180g 8.7 %
Dark chocolate ARCATO 66% 450g 21.8 %
Total 2055g 100%

Boil the water, sugar and glucose.

Add the condensed milk, the gelatin mass and then pour over the couverture, and mix.

Use at 35°C.

Chef's word

Angelo Musa

For the Pastry World Cup in 2003, we were asked to make a strong chocolate dessert. I decided to add a touch of acidity with an exotic caramel, and to decorate it with an almond crunch, with a touch of fleur de sel. Papilio was born.

Final assembly

Pour the chocolate cream, then leave to set.

Pour the caramel on to the chocolate cream, place a chocolate biscuit disc of around 8 mm thick on top of the caramel.

Leave to set. Pour the chocolate mousse that has just been mixed into the mould, place the chocolate cream/exotic caramel/biscuit ensemble inside the mould and finish off with the almond crisp.

Deep freeze to set.

Glaze with the chocolate glazing melted at 40°C. Best enjoyed at around 11°C.