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Liquorice rollen

Franck Kestener


Recipe in 6 steps

Black cocoa decoration paste for rollen biscuit

Fresh butter 200g 25.1 %
COCOA POWDER 10/12 % 66g 8.2 %
Icing sugar 200g 25.1 %
Egg white 200g 25.1 %
Flour 130g 16.3 %
Total 796g 100%

Soften the butter, add the black cocoa powder and the sieved icing sugar.

Then add the egg whites gradually in four times and the flour.

Leave aside for 12h.

Spread a thin layer over a baking paper, and stripe using a pastry brush to make the decoration.

Set on top a 5 mm frame to fill in with the biscuit preparation.

Leave to the fridge at 4°C.

Rollen biscuit dough

Eggs 250g 17.5 %
Icing sugar 176g 12.3 %
White almonds powder 176g 12.3 %
Flour 50g 3.5 %
Egg whites 326g 22.8 %
Dry egg whites 326g 22.8 %
Cristal sugar 80g 5.6 %
Melted butter 40g 2.8 %
Total 1424g 100%

Beat the eggs, the icing sugar, the almond powder and the flour together.

Melt the butter warm.

Meanwhile, whisk the egg whites with the sugar.

Then mix the melted butter with the first mixture and add the whisked egg whites.

Leave to stand the biscuit.

Spread in a 5 mm thick frame over the decoration paste.

Cook at 180°C in a ventilated oven for about 10 minutes.

Black cocoa pear jelly

Pear purée 1500g 59.5 %
Sugar 765g 30.3 %
NH pectine 36g 1.4 %
COCOA POWDER 10/12 % 30g 1.1 %
Pear spirit 90g 3.5 %
Gelatine mass 100g 3.9 %
Total 2521g 100%

Warm the pear purée, melt the pectine and the sugar and add the purée.

Then add the cocoa powder.

Cook until 60 Brix and stop cooking adding the pear spirit and the gelatine mass.

Over the biscuit in a 5 mm frame set an other 3 mm frame and pour the cocoa-pear jelly in.

Set in the fridge at 4°C.

Almond-liquorice whipped cream

Cream 35% fat (1) 438g 23.1 %
Glucose syrup 75g 3.9 %
White chocolate CONCERTO 32% 150g 7.9 %
COCOA BUTTER 40g 2.1 %
Almond paste 50% 312g 16.5 %
Cream 35% fat (2) 810g 42.8 %
Liquorice concentrate 65g 3.4 %
Total 1890g 100%

(Prepare 12h before you whip the cream).

Boil the cream (1) and the glucose, add the almond paste and melt.

Then pour the white chocolate and mix, let it cool at 30°C and add the cream (2) and the liquorice concentrate.

Set in a fridge at 4°C for 12h before you whip into cream.

Once the whipped cream is done, set in a 5 mm frame over the cocoa-pear jelly and smooth some whipped cream on top. Set in a deep freezer.

With the whipped cream remaining, make some quenelles and set in a deep freezer also.

Black cocoa powder icing

Water 640g 13.3 %
Sugar 1620g 33.6 %
Glucose 1090g 22.6 %
Condensed milk 410g 8.5 %
Gelatine mass 350g 7.2 %
COCOA POWDER 10/12 % 160g 3.3 %
Dark chocolate CARUPANO 70% 540g 11.2 %
Total 4810g 100%

Make a syrup with the water, the sugar and the glucose. Boil and add the condensed milk.

Add the gelatine mass, the cocoa powder and the dark couverture chocolate Carupano 70% .

Set in the fridge at 4°C for a night. Then heat at 30° /35 °C to glaze the liquorice whipped cream quenelles

Crust pastry

Butter 300g 21.6 %
Cristal sugar 300g 21.6 %
Salt 5g 0.3 %
Almond powder 375g 27.0 %
Whole egg 100g 7.2 %
Flour 300g 21.6 %
Baking powder 4g 0.2 %
Total 1384g 100%

In a beater mix soflty the butter, the sugar, the salt and the almond powder.

Add the eggs and the flour. Spread at 5 mm and cut a disc bigger than the entremet size. Cook in a ventilated oven at 150°C for 20 minutes

Chef's word

Franck Kestener

An indulgent fondant core elevated by the Concerto chocolate's dulce de leche notes. I used dark cocoa powder to create a visual contrast.  

Final assembly

Cool down at 2°C.

Using a guitar cutter, make stripes the same way as the decoration stripes and roll up the stripes one by one to shape the entremet as a liquorice rollen.

Set it over the crust pastry disc.

Coat using a neutral spray and set glazed dark quenelles.

Decorate with chocolate flakes.