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El Artesano

El Artesano

Recipe in 1 step

El Artesano

Total 0g 100%
  • 7cl of Mucicao
  • 4cl of tequila blanco (Corralejo Blanco)
  • 2cl of Verjus (Verjus du Perigord)
  • 0,5cl of Cane sugar syrup
  • Top Perrier

Chef's word

Maxime Farnet

Glass to be made with a shaker.

"I chose this name in reference to the artisan side present in 3 of the products of the cocktail: the tequila, the verjuice, and of course the Mucicao. It's mainly the vegetal notes that are highlighted."

Final assembly

Decoration: half slice of orange and burnt cinnamon.