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Cinnamon caramel ganache

Frédéric Hawecker

Cinnamon caramel ganache

Recipe in 3 steps

Cinnamon ganache

35% fat UHT cream 225g 32.1 %
Sucrose 45g 6.4 %
Cinnamon (stick) 0g 0.0 %
60DE glucose syrup 14g 2.0 %
Sorbitol powder 35g 5.0 %
Dark chocolate CARUPANO 70% 104g 14.8 %
Milk chocolate TANNEA 43% 277g 39.5 %
Total 700g 100%

Bring the cream and cinnamon stick (8%) to the boil

Caramelize the sugar without water then lower the temperature with the hot liquid.

Filter and reweigh the sugar and cream total.

Add the other sugars and heat to 65°C.

Pour over the couverture and emulsify well.

Pour into a frame at 30°C.

Speculoos praliné

HAZELNUT PRALINE 50% Smooth 355g 50.6 %
COCOA BUTTER 70g 9.9 %
Milk chocolate TANNEA 43% 35g 4.9 %
Speculoos 227g 32.3 %
Gingerbread spices 7g 0.9 %
Magic temper cocoa butter 7g 0.9 %
Total 701g 100%

Melt the couverture and cocoa butter.

Crystallize at 31°C.

Mix with the praliné at 17°C.

Add the speculoos mixed with the spices, check the temperature and pour into a frame over the cinnamon ganache.

Leave to crystallize, divide with the guitar cutter, then coat.


Brown sugar 355g 35.5 %
Dairy butter 235g 23.5 %
T55 flour 235g 23.5 %
Egg whites 140g 14.0 %
Salt 5g 0.5 %
4 spices mix 30g 3.0 %
Total 1000g 100%

Place all the ingredients in a mixer.

Mix to get a creamy paste.

Spread finely between two sheets of baking paper.

Freeze, remove the top sheet and cook at 150°C for around 20 min