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Gaël Majchrzak


Recipe for 10 portions.

Recipe in 4 steps

Cocoa sponge cake

Egg yolk (A) 204g 10.0 %
Water (A) 101g 4.9 %
Sugar (A) 478g 23.4 %
Melted unsalted AOP butter (B) 447g 21.9 %
Flour T55 (C) 225g 11.0 %
Starch (C) 79g 3.8 %
COCOA POWDER 22/24% 59g 2.8 %
Baking powder (C) 8g 0.3 %
Egg white (D) 354g 17.3 %
Egg white powder gallia (D) 14g 0.6 %
Sugar for egg white (D) 71g 3.4 %
Total 2040g 100%

Whisk A for around 10 minutes until you get a ribbon form.

Gradually add B previously heat at 50°C and continu to whip for 2 more minutes.

A part beat D until you get a smooth and soft meringue.

Combine this 2 masses with adding gradually C and the cocoa powder previously combined.

Spread 1100 g per tray and bake for 20 minutes at 170°C.

Wild blueberry compote

Wild blueberry IQF (A) 630g 65.7 %
Raspberry purée (A) 158g 16.4 %
Sugar (B) 79g 8.2 %
Pectine 325 NH95 (B) 6g 0.6 %
Lemon purée (C) 17g 1.7 %
Gelatin powder 200 bloom (D) 10g 1.0 %
Water for gelatin (D) 58g 6.0 %
Total 958g 100%

Cooked until texture desire A.

Combine with B previously mixed and sifted together and bring to a boil.

Incorpore C when still boiling and then let cool down.

Add D at 70°C and let set at 5°C.

Pour between 2 layers of sponge

Creamy hazelnut praliné

Hokkaido fresh cream (A) 484g 20.3 %
UHT whole milk (A) 704g 29.6 %
Egg yolk (B) 145g 6.0 %
Trehalose sugar (B) 264g 11.1 %
Gelatin powder 200 bloom (C) 33g 1.3 %
Water for gelatin (D) 198g 8.3 %
HAZELNUT PRALINE 50% Smooth 550g 23.1 %
Total 2378g 100%

Combine A with B previously mixed and cook to 85°C.

Incorpore C when temperature is lower than 70°C.

Pour on D and the praliné then fill the mold directly.

Place the previous preparation on top and keep in freezer.

Tannea 43% mousse

UHT whole milk (A) 480g 24.0 %
Hokkaido fresh cream (A) 120g 6.0 %
Gelatin powder 200 bloom (B) 17g 0.8 %
Water for gelatin (B) 102g 5.1 %
Milk chocolate TANNEA 43% 600g 30.0 %
Hokkaido fresh cream (D) 680g 34.0 %
Total 1999g 100%

Warm A to 35°C.

Incorpore B previously melted.

Combine with the chocolate melted at 32°C.

Add D gently.

Use it at 32°C.

Final assembly


Gianduja plate, hazelnut and blueberry.