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Blackcurrant, Deltora chocolate, Praliné bar

Vincent Durant

Blackcurrant, Deltora chocolate, Praliné bar

Recipe in 3 steps

Blackcurrant fruit paste

Blackcurrant pulp 150g 43.4 %
Sugar 30g 8.6 %
Pectin 3g 0.8 %
Sugar 120g 34.7 %
Dextrose 30g 8.6 %
Glucose syrup 10g 2.8 %
Citric acid 1g 0.2 %
Water 1g 0.2 %
Total 345g 100%

Mix the sugar with the pectin, add the blackcurrant pulp and bring to the boil.

Gradually add the sugar and dextrose mix while continuing to boil.

Heat at 75 Brix or 105°C, add the acid solution and pour onto Silpat in a 2 mm square.

Provence almond and speculoos praliné

Provence almond praliné 305g 57.5 %
Milk chocolate TANNEA 43% 61g 11.5 %
COCOA BUTTER 19g 3.5 %
Ground speculoos 145g 27.3 %
Total 530g 100%

Melt the cocoa butter and the milky couverture at 45°C.

Pour it over the praline at room temperature, mix.

Add the ground speculoos, temper to 27°C and pour a 5 mm layer over the fruit paste.

Once crystallised, seal with chocolate and turn over.

Deltora blackcurrant ganache

Blackcurrant pulp 570g 41.5 %
Dextrose 45g 3.2 %
Sunflower lecithin 2g 0.1 %
DE60 glucose 240g 17.4 %
Crème de cassis 21g 1.5 %
Dark chocolate DELTORA 70% 450g 32.7 %
COCOA BUTTER 45g 3.2 %
Total 1373g 100%

Reduce the blackcurrant pulp to 470 g (18% evaporation).

Add the dextrose, lecithin, glucose and crème de cassis, temper to 65°C.

Pour it over the couverture and the cocoa butter.

Smooth, at 32°C, put a 4 mm layer on the blackcurrant fruit paste.

Final assembly

Cut bars 2 cm wide and 6 cm long.

With a little tempered dark chocolate couverture, pour the toasted and crushed almonds.

Coat with the Deltora® 70% dark chocolate couverture.