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Black Magic

Black Magic

Recipe in 9 steps

Dacquois biscuit

Ground almonds 60g 30.3 %
Incing sugar Flour T65 46g 23.2 %
(Moulin bourgeois) 9g 4.5 %
Egg whites 65g 32.8 %
Caster sugar 18g 9.0 %
Total 198g 100%

Sieve the flour. In the food mixer, blend the icing sugar with the ground almonds.

Add the flour.

Whisk the egg whites in the machine adding the sugar a bit at a time.

Slowly add the almond mixture to the egg whites and sugar.

Spread into a frame and bake.

Convection oven: 180°C, 15 minutes.

Vibrato® ganache

Whole milk 27g 20.1 %
Cream 35% fat (Lescure) 44g 32.8 %
Dark chocolate VIBRATO 70% 57g 42.5 %
Dry butter (Lescure) 6g 4.4 %
Vanilla pod (1) 0g 0.0 %
Total 134g 100%

Heat the milk, cream and vanilla to 60°C.

Pour over the chocolate.

Mix to an emulsion.

Finish with a hand blender.

Add the butter at 40°C maximum. Spread out on the reconstituted crunch

Black crunch

Salt 0g 0.0 %
Butter (Lescure) 28g 19.8 %
Golden caster sugar 23g 16.3 %
Caster sugar 23g 16.3 %
Vanilla pod (1/2) 0g 0.0 %
Dark chocolate VIBRATO 70% 28g 19.8 %
Flour T65 (Moulin bourgeois) 32g 22.6 %
Cocoa powder 6g 4.2 %
Baking powder 1g 0.7 %
Total 141g 100%

Break up the chocolate in a mixer, then sieve. Keep the pieces.

Mix the salt, vanilla, butter, golden caster and caster sugar together.

Add the flour, cocoa powder and baking powder.

Combine slowly. Add the pieces of chocolate and combine slowly.

Bake in a convection oven: 20 minutes at 170°C.

Reconstituted crunch

Black crunch 118g 86.7 %
Cocoa butter 9g 6.6 %
Dark chocolate VIBRATO 70% 9g 6.6 %
Total 136g 100%

Melt the cocoa butter and chocolate together. Mix with the crunch.

Chocolate biscuit

Marzipan 62% (Lubeca) 25g 14.1 %
Butter (Lescure) 30g 16.9 %
Cocoa powder 10g 5.6 %
Egg yolks 46g 25.9 %
Dark chocolate VIBRATO 70% 15g 8.4 %
Egg white 36g 20.3 %
Caster sugar 15g 8.4 %
Total 177g 100%

Melt the chocolate with the butter.

Blend the marzipan, cocoa powder and egg yolks to 35°C.

Beat the egg whites in the machine adding the sugar a bit at a time.

Slowly add the chocolate to the egg mixture and finish with the meringue.

Spread into a frame and bake.

Convection oven: 180°C, 15 minutes.

Vanilla cream

Cream 35% fat (Lescure) 316g 70.0 %
Vanilla pod (2) 0g 0.0 %
Caster sugar 47g 10.4 %
Egg yolks 79g 17.5 %
Gelatine powder 200 bloom 1g 0.2 %
Water 8g 1.7 %
Total 451g 100%

Bring the cream to the boil with the vanilla. Beat the egg yolks with the sugar.

Pour the hot cream over the egg yolks and mix.

Make a crème anglaise and add the gelatine.

Pour onto a tray and cool to 25°C.

Spread over the chocolate biscuit.

Vibrato® mousse

Whole milk 124g 12.1 %
Vanilla pod (3) 26g 2.5 %
Egg yolks 95g 9.3 %
Dark chocolate VIBRATO 70% 223g 21.8 %
COCOA BUTTER 32g 3.1 %
Whipped butter 35% fat (Lescure) 521g 51.0 %
Total 1021g 100%

Bring the milk to the boil with the vanilla.

Whisk the egg yolks with the glucose powder.

Pour the hot cream over the egg yolks and mix.

Make a crème anglaise and pour in the cocoa butter and chocolate.

Make an emulsion and finish with a hand blender.

Slowly add the cream.

Black sweet paste

Icing sugar 37g 15.7 %
Flour T65 (Moulin bourgeois) 103g 43.8 %
Ground almonds 11g 4.6 %
Butter (Lescure) 58g 24.6 %
Whole eggs 21g 8.9 %
Salt 1g 0.4 %
Vanilla pod (1) 0g 0.0 %
Cocoa powder 2g 0.8 %
Charcoal 2g 0.8 %
Total 235g 100%

Soften the butter.

Combine with the sieved icing sugar, ground almonds, charcoal and salt.

Mix slowly.

Pour into a frame, leave for 24 hours. Laminate to 2mm, use a 75mm diameter cutter.

Bake at 110°C for around 40 minutes, trigger ON

Confectionery ribbon

Isomalt 674g 90.2 %
Water 67g 8.9 %
Cream of tartar 2g 0.2 %
Passion fruit flavouring 3g 0.4 %
Yellow hydro colour 1g 0.1 %
Red hydro colour 0g 0.0 %
Total 747g 100%

Heat the Isomalt with the water and cream of tartar to 165°C.

Add the flavouring at 140°C.

Chef's word

Joaquin Soriano

This recipe has become a classic at our patisserie. It has lots of textures which are fun to play with depending on the season. The colour and hat filling can be changed for Easter/Valentine's Day/Christmas.

Final assembly

The night before, prepare the black sweet paste, laminate and bake. Bake the black crunch and make the reconstituted crunch with it. Weigh in the mould. Freeze.

Prepare the dacquoise and bake. As the dacquoise is cooling, make the Vibrato ganache, pour over the crunch and top with the dacquoise. Put in the blast freezer.

Prepare the vanilla cream. Cool to 25°C. At the same time, make the chocolate biscuit and bake it in the mould. When tempered, pour the cream on the biscuit. Put in the blast freezer.

Turn out each part and prepare the Vibrato mousse. In each mould, put in some crunch and pipe in a little mousse. Add the vanilla cream then fill with the mousse to the top. Put in the blast freezer.

Prepare the coating to 45°C and turn out the cake. Spray the rabbit face with white cocoa butter and place on top of the cake.

Make a ribbon with pulled sugar and decorate.