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Have you tried our mucilage purée?

First of all, what is mucilage? Mucilage is the white pulp inside a cocoa pod. It has a central membrane which cocoa beans stick to. It tends to be used to ferment cocoa beans.

Where does it come from? We chose the family-run Palo Santo farm in the Cerecita Valley in central Ecuador to make organic MUCICAO. Its first-class production and post-production methods have earned it countless food quality and safety awards. Its production standards have earned it the organic label.

What do you use it for? MUCICAO has the flavour of three types of fruit in one single bite: pear, lychee and apricot. It’s a new way to bring a dash of freshness and acidity to your recipes. We recommend MUCICAO to make sorbet/pâte de fruit/crémeux/smoothies and more. Use MUCICAO like a fresh fruit purée.