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New product: dark chocolate GAYAS 64%

An exceptional terroir: Ecuador

GAYAS 64% aligns with our commitment to offer chocolates combining aromatic and technical qualities to chocolate makers and pastry chefs. This new dark couverture chocolate is the latest addition to our Pures Plantations® range, which now includes 13 chocolates with typical flavours from remote regions.



Originating from Ecuador, GAYAS 64% is made from a single variety of cocoa beans: ASSS (Arriba Superior Summer Selecto). These cocoa beans, which are the most renowned in Ecuador, give GAYAS 64% chocolate a unique aromatic palette combining notes of cocoa, honey, cooked fruit and soft spices.

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A chocolate ideal for coating

Beyond its taste, GAYAS 64% stands out for its composition. With its cocoa butter content (37%), this dark chocolate has been specially designed for making sublime coatings with great precision. Its rich amber-brown hue and its glossiness add elegance and depth to chocolate creations.


If GAYAS 64% is ideal for coatings, it's also suitable for all types of uses in chocolate and pastry making.


Inspired by its texture, taste, and glossiness, chefs Angelo Musa, Frédéric Hawecker, and Joaquin Soriano offer you exclusive recipes (reserved for Chocolaterie de l'Opéra clients) that showcase the wide variety of uses for GAYAS 64%.

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